HK Govt appoints ‘gay cure expert’ as adviser

by tcjmhk


Please sign these petitions to stop this menace. Please sign these petitions to protect your family, your friends and your relatives. Please sign these petitions to stop the government from wasting tax-payers’ money on such quacks.


If you don’t know about the details, here is the outrage in the press against HK government’s shameful appointment of ‘gay cure expert’ as adviser to the Social Welfare Department.

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Singpao: 吳敏倫﹕政府機構與專家 在多元社會的責任

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RTHK Radio5

Episodes of the programme 笑容從家開始 (Laughter Starts from the Family) hosted by Ms 張 笑 容(Cheung Siu-yung) and which featured Dr. Hong Kwai-wah.  These were broadcast on the dates shown, touching on the themes indicated for each:

28 January 2010 – ‘Reparative Therapy’. Click here for the transcript (and comments) in English:

4 March 2010 – Homosexual children. Click here for the transcript (and comments) in English:

27 May 2010 – Teenager sexual orientation. Click here for the transcript (and comments) in English:

20 September 2010 – teenage girls’ questioning about homosexuality. Click here for the transcript (and comments) in English:

21 October 2010 – distinguishing sex and gender, supposedly focussing on transgender and the Ms W case, but actually discussing homosexuality and how a family might influence children’s sexual orientation. Click here for the transcript (and comments) in English:

Govt Response


NCA Response

Caring Friends Response

Professional Statements

American Psychological Association report on sexual orientation:

4 Responses to “HK Govt appoints ‘gay cure expert’ as adviser”

  1. I contacted some members of Tongzhi some months ago, but did not follow through…. my fault! I am an Australian professor living and working in HK, and planning to be here for at least the next few years. I work at a tertiary institution in HK that, as far as I know, offers nothing at all, in terms of either education or social or welfare activities, on the subject of homosexuality, acceptance, homophobia, etc. I suspect this is quite typical of most schools and universities here.

    I have had years of experience as a volunteer counsellor in a gay organisation in Australia, and can speak and write in a very articulate way (albeit only in English lol) on this subject. I am quite familiar with the so called arguments churned out by opponents in the name of religion, psychotherapy, etc. They are all bullshit and I would like to become involved with your organisation in any way that might be helpful.

    I am not Chinese, obviously, and therefore not part of that culture of community, but I hear enough from local friends to know that apart from overt oppression and discrimination, there is a prevailing environment of “Don’t ask, don’t tell” which is causing tremendous damage to individuals, families and the whole of society.

    Please get in touch with me and let me know of forthcoming meetings, etc….


    Laurance Splitter (Professor)

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